Primary 초등부

Primary 초등부


Our spiritual goal this year is to teach the depth, width and height of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Also to raise the spirituality of the primary school children. To help them to restore true worship and to seek the grace of God through word and prayer.
We have primary school worship on Sunday mornings, starting from 9:30am.

Let me introduce you to the teachers : 

A.P John Oh

John is the scripture coordinator and is teaching scripture at 6 primary schools. He has done ministry with young adults, university, high school and primary school children. Currently he is the head teacher of the primary school group.

Jessie Kim

Deacon David


  • Primary Worship – Lord’s day 9:30 Basement of Church
  • Leader – John O(Jiyoung O)
  • Prayer Topics
    • Let the children have the personal system to head to the spiritual summit for world evangelisation. Acts 1:8