[The True Descendants of Abraham] (John 8:31-59)




진정한 아브라함의 후손

[The True Descendants of Abraham]

(요한복음 John 8:31-59)



  1. The true descendents of Abraham (Gal:29)

(1) God’s covenant (gospel)

(2) Those who will continue the family line of the covenant

The blessing of world evangelisation

  1. The core message of the Bible and God’s greatest desire

(1) The realise the truth (31)

(2) Enjoy the gospel (32)

The truth gives freedom

(3) The evidence of the gospel (33)

Be set free from being a slave of sin

(4) Relaying the covenant to the next generation (35)




  1. True freedom (32)

* Slavery – freed

* True freedom

– Enjoyment (freedom), true rest, peace

(in everything)

(1) God’s rest (Gen2:2-3)

(2) Matt12:8 Lord of the Sabbath

(3)Matt11:28 – the burden of the law, burden of religion, burden of life

(true rest)

(4) Rom8:1-2 freedom


(5) Rom6:18, Slave of sin, slaves of righteousness

Truth – you will know


  1. The physical descendants of Abraham (37)


(1) Jews – Abraham’s descendents (misconception)

(1) Matt3:9 John of Baptist

– Pharisees, Saducees

(2) Rom9:7-8 Only the child of promise

(2) My words – there is no room for my wordsX

(incorrect imprint – law, religion, philosophy)

*Eph2:12 – People outside of Christ

People outside of the covenant

(3) The deeds of Abraham (39)

(4) Abraham – God’s actions


  1. Your father the devil (44)

(1) TruthX, belong to the devil

(2) Did not believe the words of truth (45)

(3) Did not belong to God (47)

(1) God’s words X

(2) Mystery of Christ X

(3) God’s will, plan – no connection

Life centred on myself, physical, a walk of faith on personal motives

(4) Life and Christian walk of faith are different

* Lord’s day – everyday life

(4) Because you are unable to hear – devil


  1. The work the true descendents of Abraham must carry out

(1) Abraham’s deed (39)

(2) Listen to God’s words (47)

John10:27 God’s sheep

(The voice of the shepherd)

*We are filled with useless things

– stubborness, prejudice, opinions, experience

(3) If you keep my words (51)

– Heart (if you place the word)

(4) Abraham – at the thought of seeing of my day (56)

Messiah (covenant)

Gen17:5 (spiritual father)



Me (True seed of Abraham)

  1. Immanuel – mystery of with (enjoyment)
  2. Only Christ

Filled with the gospel (enjoyment)

  1. Only witness

Work of Holy Spirit

  1. World evangelisation (main figures)


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